The Dragon Master

By: Mallary Mitchell

Series: The Tales of Tuathmair

Book Number: 1

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Lexie has been in love with Gryffyd Southerlyn for two years, but she is a fairy and he is a mage which means their love is forbidden in their society. When Gryffyd shows up at Lexie's dorm room wanting to whisk her away on an overnight adventure, just days before her graduation from college, Lexie must decide whether it's worth it to take the risk.


I ended up enjoying The Dragon Master even more than I thought I would. It was a really sweet, romantic tale of forbidden love between a mage and a fairy. Lexie is the lovable good girl who is a little reluctant for fear of getting caught but just can't resist Gryffyd, and I don't blame her. He would have swept me off my feet too. Gryffyd is an irresistibly charming rogue with a Scottish accent, who rides a motorcycle, performs magic and has a family of dragons for pets. I fell head-over-heels for him in just five short pages. As with most of these little e-book quickies, my main complaint is that they aren't long enough. I would have liked to know more about both Gryffyd and Lexie, as well as why their love was forbidden in their society and more about Tuathmair itself, but I was so taken by the story (and the hero;-)), I couldn't help but love it anyway, especially the ending. The author says on her website that she is working on another story in The Tales of Tuathmair, and I will gladly read it whenever she finishes it. This was my first read by Mallary Mitchell, but while I'm waiting for that new tale, I'll be checking out her backlist. The Dragon Master is available as a free download from The Wild Rose Press.


Mallary Mitchell


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