A Christmas Miracle

By: Sky Purington

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Nicole is still mourning the loss of her beloved Aidan in a plane crash one year earlier, as he traveled from Ireland to America to be with her for the holidays. Now it is Christmas Eve once again, and as Nicole adds the angel to the top of the tree, it sets in motion a series of supernatural events that lead to her receiving the greatest Christmas gift she could have ever hoped for.


A Christmas Miracle is a tender holiday story of a glowing Christmas angel, a ghostly apparition and a love that seems to transcend death, leading to the inexplicable. I've found a lot of magic in the legends and lore of Ireland, so having Aidan, the hero, be Irish somehow made the story seem more mystical. His beloved, Nicole, had been grieving since his death one year ago, but she still loves the Christmas season and doesn't let her sadness stop her from decorating for the holiday. There are a lot of twists and turns in the short eight pages of this novella, and readers are for the most part left to draw their own conclusions about the supernatural events which occur. Some readers may have a hard time with this, and even I admit to usually preferring that things be a bit more believable and clear-cut even in a paranormal story. Still, I tend to be accepting of the miraculous, especially at Christmastime, so it worked OK for me. A Christmas Miracle was my first read by Sky Purington, but it left me open to trying more, particularly since she has some other stories with Irish and Scottish characters which are usually favorites of mine. A Christmas Miracle is available as a free e-book download from The Wild Rose Press and the author's website.


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