Baby, It's Cold Outside

By: Shelli Stevens

Series: Seattle Steam

Book Number: 3

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Heather had just left her salon on the way to a Christmas party at her cousin's house when it began to snow. Quinton hasn't been able to stop thinking about Heather since he met her a few months ago, so when he spots her walking down the street, he can't resist stopping to offer her a ride......anywhere she wants to go......even when he finds out that her destination is three hours away through the mountains. When the mountain pass is closed for snow removal, leaving Quinton and Heather temporarily stranded by the side of the road, they decide to generate their own heat to pass the time.


Baby It's Cold Outside is a scorching little 12-page erotic "quickie." It was super hot without being kinky, but definitely mostly about the sex. I'm usually not a fan of hook-up-now, ask-questions-later romances, and even though Quinton and Heather had briefly met a few months before, they were still virtual strangers. I may not have been entirely comfortable with the set-up for the story, but I did find it to be surprisingly enjoyable in spite of that. It might have been the sizzling love scene combined with the stranded in a snowstorm theme which I typically like. I also think I gave the author a little bit of slack since this was such a short novella, whereas I would have expected a lot more from a full-length novel. Or perhaps I was just in the right mood for it at the right time. Whatever the reasons, it turned out to be a fun, steamy little read. This was my first story by Shelli Stevens, and it has certainly left me open to trying more of her works, which is good since I already have a couple of them on my TBR list. According to Ms. Stevens' website this is the third in her Seattle Steam series, which I didn't know until after reading it. I'm not sure if Quinton or Heather appeared in the earlier books, but Heather is the cousin of Christy from book #2, Tempting Adam. She and Adam make a brief appearance at the end of the story. Baby It's Cold Outside is available as a free download from the author's website.


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