Winter's Kiss

By: Meg Allison

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Jake Blackthorne is about to close up his mechanic's shop late on Christmas Eve when Leila Fox comes trudging through the snow to his door. Her car is stranded down the road, and he feels obligated to assist her. As Jake rescues the lady's car and gives her a ride home, he discovers that there is more to Leila than meets the eye.


Winter's Kiss is a vaguely paranormal tale in that it appears that neither the hero nor the heroine are quite what they seem to be at first glance. The story got off to a good start, but ended up leaving me with more questions than answers: What exactly were Jake and Leila? What did they mean to each other in the past? Why doesn't Jake remember Leila? In fact, I had so many questions, it seemed to me that this couldn't just be a stand-alone story and must be part of a series, but my research turned up no reference to it being part of a series or related to any of Meg Allison's other books in any discernible way. Jake and Leila were interesting characters, but it seemed like the story was over before it even got started and the ending was pretty ambiguous, no HEA here. For romance readers like myself who enjoy Christmas stories, this one takes place on Christmas Eve. Also, for those who prefer non-explicit romance, it has some mild sexual tension, but nothing particularly objectionable which should make it appropriate for most readers. In my opinion, the story had a lot of potential, and the author's general writing style seemed fairly solid. I enjoyed reading it up until I realized that none of my questions were going to be answered, and if it were part of a series, I would probably give it a higher rating. As a stand-alone though, there just didn't seem to be much point to it, and I was left feeling very unsatisfied.

Note: I acquired Winter's Kiss as a free e-book from Samhaim Publishing, but it appears that they are no longer offering it for download, nor is the author or any other site that I can locate at this time. If it becomes available again, I will be sure to post the link.


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