A Love for All Nights

By: Jessica Coulter Smith

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Carson has been a vampire for seventy years and long ago gave up on looking for his life-mate. Imagine his surprise when he literally bumps into her on the street one night. Alexa was daydreaming while walking home from work, when she ran into a handsome blond "god". Carson offers to walk Alexa the rest of the way to her house, and then invites her to a Halloween party later that week, fully intending to make her completely his before the night is over.


A Love for All Nights was a seriously hot short story about a vampire who finds his mate when he least expects it. For as well as I could get to know the two protagonists in a short 16 pages, I liked both Carson and Alexa. I loved Carson's kind, gentlemanly manners, and Alexa seemed sweet but passionate. Since this is an erotic romance, about half the novella is taken up with one long smokin' love scene that I thought was pretty luscious. Of course, things move along really quickly, and although it would have been nice to have more character back-story and relationship development, I'm realistic enough to not expect too much from an e-book quickie. The whole life-mate scenario helped to make their declarations of love and Alexa's rapid acceptance of Carson being a vampire more palatable. For those who like holiday themed stories this one takes place at Halloween. The plot was fairly simple and not particularly unique to the paranormal genre, but A Love for All Nights was a fun, enjoyable way to spend a half-hour of my reading time. Aside from a few typos and word choices that could have been better, the author's writing style seemed pretty solid. It was my first read by Jessica Coulter Smith, and has left me open to trying more of her work. A Love for All Nights is available as a free e-book from All Romance E-Books or The Wild Horse Press, and in my opinion, is definitely worth the download. Just make sure you have a cold drink and a fan nearby before starting to read it.;-)

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations including anal play and toys, which some readers may find offensive.


Jessica Coulter Smith