It's Now or Never

By: Wendy Davy

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Sara has been working as a live-in nanny for Logan's young son for a year, and her contract is nearly up. She has fallen madly in love with Logan, and thinking that he won't be needing her much longer, Sara knows that she'll have to reveal her feelings soon or risk loosing him. She prepares a special dinner of all his favorite foods to set the mood and celebrate his birthday, but what's Sara to do when Logan brings home an unexpected "guest"?


It's Now or Never was a cute little e-book quickie about a nanny who has fallen for her employer, a theme that I usually like. I thought that Sara's reason for the urgency to reveal her feelings to Logan was a little weak. Even though her contract was about to expire, I couldn't imagine why Logan wouldn't want to keep her on, since she was obviously such a good child-care provider. She mentioned to her friend that she had to teach Logan how to be a father from scratch, and now he'd learned everything he needed to know. I just had a hard time with the idea of him initially being so ignorant as a parent, if his ex-wife was so completely uninvolved in their son's life. However, this bit was a very small part of the story that was really only used to set the stage. I don't usually expect too much from such a short novella, and otherwise, I enjoyed it. I liked the overall theme and the characters, and wouldn't have minded reading a longer book about them to find out how their relationship started and progressed. It's Now or Never was a sweet, tender little romance from The Wild Rose Press' inspirational imprint (White Rose), but since there was no overpowering religious element, I think mainstream readers could enjoy it too. It gave me a nice taste of the author's writing style (which I liked), so I'll be interested in trying something else by Wendy Davy in the future. It's Now or Never is available as a free download from White Rose Publishing.


Wendy Davy