Wishes Do Come True

By: Celia Yeary

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Anna Morrison has already turned down Ross Davis's marriage proposal three times, but Ross hasn't quite given up hope yet. Anna doesn't feel worthy of Ross because he is a respected member of the community, and she arrived as a young girl on the orphan train. Ross is ready to plead for her hand once more, and this time, he's prepared to make a confession that just might change her mind.


Wishes Do Come True is a sweet, little 7-page e-book quickie. It was an enjoyable enough read, but I think it needed a bit more background and/or character development for me to fully buy into the premise. Ross is certainly a persistent hero to have patiently proposed to Anna four times, but Anna's reason for stubbornly turning him down the first three times didn't seem all that insurmountable of an issue to me. Ross made a surprise confession that might have won Anna's heart a long time ago, but not until after Anna had finally given in and accepted his fourth proposal with no real explanation as to why she suddenly changed her mind. I also had to wonder if Ross's late night visit to Anna, who was already dressed in her nightclothes, might not have raised some eyebrows around town if anyone had seen him at her house, and she hadn't agreed to marry him. Overall, in spite of my criticisms, Wishes Do Come True wasn't a bad way to spend a few minutes of my reading time, and since it was free, I can hardly complain. I'm sure it isn't easy to write a story this short and still make it satisfying, so I'll still give Celia Yeary another chance. Wishes Do Come True is available as a free download from The Wild Rose Press.


Celia Yeary


G/PG-Rated Romance