Captivated by You

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: B.A.D. Agency

Book Number: 0.2

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Ace Krux and Rhea Stevenson are agents with B.A.D., The Bureau of American Defense. They have both been secretly attracted to one another for the entire three years that they have been working together. When a dominatrix is needed to catch an arms dealer who is supplying weapons to terrorists, Rhea is tasked with the mission. She doesn't know the first thing about being a dom though, and needs some training before going out in the field. Ace happily volunteers to be her training partner, leading to moments that are by turns both humorous and passionate. Once Ace has gotten a taste of his secret love's beguiling charms though, he doesn't want to share her with anyone, not even if it means putting a dangerous criminal behind bars.


"Captivated" by You was another fun-filled offering in the B.A.D. Agency series that I found very enjoyable to read. The hero and heroine, Ace and Rhea are both very likable and relatable characters. They begin the story with lots of humorous sharp-witted banter that is laced with sexual innuendo, but quickly evolves into passion when they are thrown together on a mission that involves some sizzling hot situations. Their love scenes involved some light bondage and domination which may not be some readers cup of tea, but in my opinion they were very mild and written very tastefully. In fact, I thought these scenes were quite nice, with Ace and Rhea showing a beautiful level of trust in each other and lots of playful sensuality. I loved that Ace was full of bluster and then seemed almost as out of his element in the B&D atmosphere as Rhea was. There was just enough character development to make their fast-moving relationship at least somewhat believable, and I liked how the author took the time to explain why each of them chose to work for B.A.D. which also added a bit of depth. Ace and Rhea's actual mission ended up being more humorous than suspenseful, but overall I found this novella to be another delightful, escapist read. My only complaint would be that it simply wasn't long enough.

"Captivated" by You is the second story in the B.A.D. Agency series. It was first published in the Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down anthology, and was later reprinted in the Born to Be BAD anthology. Secondary characters Joe and Tee, the leaders of B.A.D., as well as agents Dieter and Retter from BAD to the Bone, make another appearance, with a few more details being added to their characters. I really look forward to continuing this entertaining series.


Sherrilyn Kenyon


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