A Nice Change of Pace

By: Margo Hoornstra

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Melinda Olsen is balancing a precarious schedule of work and colleges classes. She finds herself very attracted to one of her professors who happens to have gorgeous eyes, but when Rod Garner nearly runs her down by accident, Melinda may be surprised to find that his kind, caring eyes are even more captivating.


A Nice Change of Pace is an extremely short e-book quickie. At only 5 pages, it has the feel of the beginning of a longer story with the serendipitous meeting of the hero and heroine. Melinda is a harried woman who is trying to balance an exhausting schedule of both work and college classes. She desperately needs a change of pace, and finds it when Rod accidentally almost runs her down on his scooter. I really liked what there was of this story but wished that I could have followed Melinda and Rod "into the sunset" to see what would happen next for them. This is a very sweet novella with absolutely no sensual content, not even a kiss, so it would be appropriate for all romances readers. This was my first read by Margo Hoornstra, but I liked her writing style and plan to check into her other works. A Nice Change of Pace is available as a free download from the publisher, The Wild Rose Press.


Margo Hoornstra


G/PG-Rated Romance