A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

By: Susan Macatee

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Samantha Harrison has been in love with Civil War Lieutenant Douglass Mitchell for a year, and his last furlough resulted in a beautiful night of passion and an unexpected pregnancy. Doug had promised to marry Samantha as soon as he returned, but he's been MIA for months. Out of a need for respectability for herself and security for her baby, Samantha has agreed to marry an old family friend, but what will she do when her lover finally shows up on her doorstep on Christmas Eve just as she is about to tie the knot?


A Kiss Under the Mistletoe was a sweet little story of two lovers who are reunited on Christmas Eve following the end of the Civil War and just as she is about to marry another man out of necessity. Although it's nearly impossible to get to know characters in a scant eight pages, what I saw of Doug and Samantha, I liked. I thought it was very romantic that they'd shared their first kiss under the mistletoe exactly one year before and were now rekindling their love in the same spot. I also enjoyed that Samantha had never stopped loving Doug even though she thought he might be dead, and his love for her kept him alive. I definitely would have been interested in reading a longer story about them and their romance. I think it would make a really good one.

From what I could tell in this short format, I'd say the author's writing style was pretty solid. I loved the Civil War theme. There seem to be few romances set during that time and it looks like everything Ms. Macatee has written to date is Civil War related, making me quite interested in seeing what she can do with a longer novella or full-length novel. A Kiss Under the Mistletoe is available as a free download form The Wild Rose Press.


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