A Medieval Nightmare

By: Heather Beck

Series: The Horror Diaries

Book Number: 4

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Spoiler Disclaimer


Best friends, Brandon Wilkinson and Ellie Seater go on a field trip with their class to the new Ultimate Medieval Museum. When they arrive, some strange things begin to occur. Brandon and Ellie become separated from the rest of the group only to find that they've been transported to another era where a joker gives them a riddle they must solve in order to return to their own time. Will Brandon and Ellie figure it out in time to find the way out?


I love all things medieval, so this was one of my favorite stories in the Haunted anthology in which it is found. The castle, knights, tournament and such made for a pretty fun read that was just slightly scary. The joker's riddle was easy to figure out, although perhaps it wouldn't be as easy for kids as it was for me. There were a couple of things near the end of the story that seemed a little silly and clichéd, but overall, I had a pretty good time reading this one. A Medieval Nightmare can also be purchased as a separate e-book.

Note:  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review.


Heather Beck