A Watery Grave

By: Heather Beck

Series: The Horror Diaries

Book Number: 5

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Spoiler Disclaimer


Justine Monroe is on vacation with her father at a remote rural cabin. Bored and looking for friends, she is happy to see a girl her own age wandering around the woods until she sees her up close. At this point, she gets a glimpse of a ghostly image and a voice that beckons for her help. When a friend of her father comes to visit with his daughter, Kimmy, Justine learns of an old legend in which a ghost girl wanders the woods searching for a new body, and Kimmy is convinced that the girl is out to switch bodies with Justine. The two girls come up with a plan to save Justine, but is it sound enough to defeat a wily ghost?


This story was rather interesting with its ghostly legend and potential body-snatching spectre. It also had a good plot twist that I partially saw coming, although not in quite the way it happened, which means that kids might be even more surprised by it than I was. The story wrapped up in a rather open-ended way which left me with mixed feelings, but overall, this was a fun, creepy read. A Watery Grave can be purchased as a separate e-book and can also be found in the Haunted anthology.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review.


Heather Beck