Snow Day

By: Susanna Carr

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Tyler Stevens and Karen Price have been small town friends for a while, but Tyler has a reputation as a wanderer and hasn't been around much lately. Karen accidentally wound up in his bed after a wedding party, and Tyler, afraid of his feelings, had skipped town when he realized that he was in love with her. Now he's back to stay and knows he can't live without her, but they're snowed in on Christmas Eve with a large group of friends including Karen's new boyfriend, Corey. Tyler is certain that Karen and Corey haven't made love yet, and he knows that the snowstorm is the perfect backdrop for that to happen. He can't bear to think of her in another man's arms, so he makes an indecent proposition which she turns down. Unfortunately, the same lousy sense of direction which landed Karen in Tyler's bed the first time, places her there again, and even though she thinks she's making love to Corey, Tyler is the only one on her mind. When the new day dawns, Karen will have to face her mistake, as well as Corey and all their friends who already treat her like a pariah, and decide once and for all whether she and Tyler can have a long-term relationship when she's fearful he'll just leave again.


This was another sweet, sexy tale about two friends becoming lovers, but in my opinion, it wasn't as good as the Erin McCarthy story with the same theme from the Merry Christmas, Baby anthology in which they are both found. I felt that the author left a lot of questions about Tyler and Karen's backgrounds. There was an implication that Karen's family were not very nice people, who had left her with a bad reputation to overcome in their small community, as well as a feeling of being an outsider, but these things are never really explained. I also would have liked to have known about how Tyler and Karen became friends. There was never any explanation of this at all, nor whether they had shared any deeper bond than that of casual friends in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. In addition, I didn't really get a particularly favorable impression of their other friends, most of whom didn't seem to like Karen at all or have anything better to do than be nosy and gossip about her. It was pretty much a case of "everybody hates Karen" with no reasons given as to why. In spite of the plot weaknesses though, I would have to say that Snow Day was a pretty enjoyable read for me, since it embodied one of my favorite themes. It was my first read by Susanna Carr, but it was good enough to leave me open to possibly reading more of her works in the future.


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