Seducing Jason

By: Brandi Evans

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Maggie Jenkins has been in love with her brother's best friend, Jason Briggs, since she was sixteen. Many times she has fantasized about seducing him, but could never quite muster up the courage to take the plunge. Now sitting outside Jason's apartment, Maggie has a big decision to make: Will this be the night that she finally shows him how she feels, or will it end like all the other nights before?


As with most steamy e-book quickies, Seducing Jason was primarily composed of one long, extended love scene, but what a luscious love scene it was.;-) As short as this story was, I found myself really liking the characters. Maggie exhibited a touch of vulnerability in the fact that she had gone to Jason's apartment many times before, but had never quite gotten up the nerve to go in and seduce him like she'd fantasized about doing. Even this time, she was having second thoughts until Jason caught her parked outside, but once he got her inside, she pulled out all the stops and finally allowed herself to be naughty even if it meant only having him for one night. Jason was a passionate but tender lover who held himself back in order to pleasure Maggie. It was sweet that he felt the same way about her too. This couple knowing each other for years and being friends also made the quick consummation much more believable and satisfying for me. Seducing Jason was my first read by Brandi Evans. I really enjoyed this taste of her writing style, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for more from this author. Seducing Jason is available as a free download from All Romance eBooks.


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