Serenity: Those Left Behind

By: Will Conrad, Brett Matthews, Joss Whedon

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Serenity: Those Left Behind is a graphic novel companion to the Firefly television series and the Serenity feature film. It details a missing chapter between the two stories that begins with Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Firefly class starship Serenity getting out of yet another dangerous scrape caused by their smuggling activities. The mysterious blue-gloved men enlist an ex-fed, who has a grudge against Mal, to track him down, so that they can get to River and Simon Tam. Meanwhile, Mal and his crew, desperate for money after their last gig went bust, accept questionable intelligence from their old smuggling colleague, Badger, which will supposedly lead them to a fortune in hidden treasure. Tensions begin to flare between some of the crew members, the coordinates for the treasure seems to have led them into a trap, and the blue-gloved men try to take over Serenity.


The Serenity: Those Left Behind graphic novel is a nice companion piece to the Firefly television series and the Serenity feature film, both created by Joss Whedon. It presents an exciting missing chapter in the story that occurs chronologically between Firefly and Serenity. The story was engaging and very nicely done, giving the reader the feel of watching an episode of Firefly. The characterizations are true to the television series. In fact, the dialog was so well done, I could almost hear the actors voices in each role. The artwork was very well rendered. I particularly liked the portraits of each of the characters that are scattered throughout the book. I thought that they were very accurate depictions of their real-life actor counterparts. Since the book is part of a continuing story, it may not be of much interest to those who have not seen the series or the movie, as it would probably be hard to follow. In my opinion however, this book is a must-have for fans of Firefly or Serenity.


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