Fuzzy Logic

By: Erin McCarthy

Series: Bowling Friends

Book Number: 2

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Ashley Andrews loves to shop, but unfortunately, her wild spending has left her with some pretty scary credit card bills. To earn some extra money to pay off her debt, she decides to become a Pleasure Party consultant, selling sex toys and other romance enhancers. Ashley is looking forward to hosting her first party, but she didn't expect her next-door neighbor to show up just as the party is about to begin and want to experiment with the products.

Lucas Manning is best friends with Ashley's brother. He has known her nearly all his life and is madly in love with her. When a box of a dozen neon pink vibrators shows up on his doorstep, he's pretty sure they weren't meant for him. When he delivers them to their intended recipient and finds Ashley's living room full of sex toys and edible body products, the scientist in him wants to try out each and every one of them...on Ashley.


Fuzzy Logic was another cute, sexy, romantic short story from Erin McCarthy. Ms. McCarthy's full-length novels have been hit and miss with me, but her novellas almost never fail to satisfy. Lucas was another of her adorable, geeky, beta heroes. It was so sweet that he'd been in love with Ashley since they were kids but hadn't pursued her because he was afraid of loosing their friendship and because Ashley had never showed any interest in him as anything more than her little brother's best friend. I love how he's so curious, wanting to know how everything works. His scientific mind could go into overdrive, but when it came to exploring Ashley's "romance enhancers" and her body, his analytic nature came in handy by helping him learn how to pleasure her. Lucas was definitely the kind of hero who could get my motor humming.;-)

Ashley is a fun, outgoing shopaholic. She decided to become a Pleasure Party consultant to pay off her mounting credit card debt. Everyone seems to think of Ashley as a dumb blonde until she has decided that she's not all that smart either. No one but Lucas seems to realize that she has a lot to offer, and I appreciated him being insightful as well as her vulnerability in that area. I will admit that Ashely fell for Lucas a little to quickly to be totally believable, but I was willing to buy into it because I could see how she might have been harboring a subconscious attraction for him all along. The fact that she wasn't the type to sleep around and he was able to turn her on so easily might suggest that. I guess the super-fast marriage proposal pushed the bounds of credibility too, but again, I was willing to give them a pass, because they had know each other for so long. I also enjoyed that Ashley was a few years older than Lucas. Overall, I thought that these two were a good fit and that they made a really cute couple.

Fuzzy Logic is the second novella in Erin McCarthy's Bowling Friends series. Kindra (Hard Drive from Bad Boys Online) and Ashley's other two best friends, Violet and Trish attended Ashley's Pleasure Party. Violet is a bit of a geek herself, so I'm really looking forward to reading her story, The Lady of the Lake, which is the next in the series. Overall, Fuzzy Logic was a sweet, fun and very steamy read that I really enjoyed. It can be found in the Bad Boys Over Easy anthology.


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