The Cupid Curse

By: Jen Nicholas

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In spite of being born on Valentine's Day and her parents naming her after the holiday, Valentine Lewis has been unlucky in love. In a last-ditch effort to find Mr. Right, she writes a letter to Cupid asking for help. She wasn't sure what kind of answer to expect, but it certainly wasn't the gorgeous but seemingly inept Gideon.

Gideon is a Cupid in training. When they receive Val's letter at Cupid headquarters, it is a momentous occasion, and Gideon desperately wants the assignment. When Eros finally agrees to let him help Val find her true love, Gideon couldn't be more excited until a freak accident leaves him shot with his own arrow. Now he must convince Val that even though he wasn't the first choice, he can still be her one and only soulmate.


The Cupid Curse was a cute romance novella about a young woman who has been unlucky in love, so she asks Cupid for help with finding Mr. Right. Unfortunately, the Cupid she gets accidentally shoots himself with his own arrow, leading to an awkward situation but eventual love. Gideon was adorable. He's trying so hard to pass his Cupid exams to become a full-fledged Cupid. He's very eager to take on Val's case, but feels terrible when he botches it up. He then spends the rest of the story trying to convince Val that he loves her and that they would make a great couple. It was very sweet that he was a 132 year old virgin, but with great sensual instincts. Valentine was a nice heroine with strong family ties. She feels the clock ticking away and desperately wants to have a man in her life and to get married.

Valentine and Gideon are a cute couple but they spent a large part of the novella feeling very uncomfortable with each other. They are both quite attracted to one another, but Val goes back and forth between that attraction and being angry with Gideon for messing up her chance with Mr. Right. Of course, Gideon feel terribly guilty about that. By the end, they give into that attraction, and their one love scene was pretty sensuous. Still, I can't quite say that I truly felt the love connection between them, and it seems to me that if Cupid's magic was working on both of them, they should have been unmistakably and passionately in love. The story was a bit narrative heavy too. If it had been any longer than it was, it probably would have gotten bogged down. In spite of my criticisms though, I still have to give the author some extra points for originality and creativity. The Cupid Curse was certainly not like any other romances I've read before which made it pretty entertaining. This was my first read by Jen Nicholas, and although it appears she only has two other published works, I would be open to trying them sometime. The Cupid Curse can be found in the Bad Boys Over Easy anthology.


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