By: Missy Welsh

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Horatio Muir has been dreamily lusting after KLT23, the genetically engineered soldier he's been guarding. All the previous "experiments" have died from unexpected complications, so when Kelty, as Horatio has dubbed him, begins to experience a fever accompanied by a lengthy arousal, the scientists believe the remedy may be sex. The only problem is that Kelty keeps vehemently rejecting every woman they send to him. When they finally come to the conclusion that Kelty may be gay, Horatio eagerly offers himself up to "cure" his hunky guy.


KTL23 is a steamy e-book quickie told from the first-person point-of-view of a soldier who falls for the genetically engineered warrior that he's been guarding. When the man, who Horatio has dubbed Kelty, starts exhibiting symptoms of illness and the scientists believe the cure is sex, Horatio is more than willing to volunteer himself to "heal" Kelty. Thinking this was probably a one-time thing, Horatio wanted to keep some emotional distance between them, but I love how once he was in the same room with the hunky guy he'd been admiring from afar, he just couldn't help himself. Having been created in a lab and never ventured outside the walls of his room, Kelty, of course, was a virgin, and Horatio very patiently and lovingly tutored him in the art of sexual pleasure. Kelty was absolutely adorable in his innocence and eagerness to please, but much smarter than he at first seems, as the clever little plot twist at the end attests. There were no unbelievable declarations of love in this short story, but there is plenty of tender, loving interactions that were also quite spicy. I had no trouble believing that Horatio and Kelty were perfect for each other and would have a happy future together. KTL23 was my first read by Missy Welsh, but it was so fun and enjoyable, I'm looking forward to trying something else by her soon.

Note: This novella contains a scene of explicit sensuality between two men which may offend some readers.


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