Love Is in the Title

By: RJ Scott

Series: Love Is in the...

Book Number: 1

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Math geek, Luke Holston, has been secretly admiring Cameron Anders, the captain of the school football team from afar. Every Friday night Cameron comes into the diner where Luke works, and Luke makes anonymous song requests for him on the radio program, The Late Show with Roscoe. This particular Friday night Cameron's team lost the game, so Luke requests a song that he thinks will lift Cam's spirits. Luke never really believed there could be anything between him and Cam, but when Cam comes over to talk to him, Luke gets the surprise of his life.


Love Is in the Title is a short novella that is the first in RJ Scott's Love Is in the... series which follows teen crushes Luke and Cameron. It is a sweet romance that was written with a young adult audience in mind. It contains a small amount of strong language, but no other objectionable material unless a loving, kisses-only gay relationship is of concern.

The story is written from Luke's point-of-view and he is a very endearing character. He is a math geek who has been admiring football jock, Cameron, from afar. I thought it was really sweet that Luke kept anonymously requesting songs for Cameron on the radio and always seemed to know just the right thing to say through the music for whatever Cameron was feeling or going through. I liked that even though Luke had been bullied for both being a geek and being gay that he still held his head high, and it was great that Cameron had defended him. I also thought it was very brave of Cameron to come out to the football team. Most didn't take it well, but he got to be true to himself and find out who his real friends were. I loved how Luke and Cameron spent most of the story just whiling away the night talking and kissing. It was enchantingly romantic and reminded me of the days in my own youth when I was first falling in love. Love Is in the Title is the second story by RJ Scott that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It has earned a spot on my virtual keeper shelf and Ms. Scott a spot on my favorite authors list. I'm eagerly looking forward to spending more time with Luke and Cameron and further exploring RJ Scott's backlist.


RJ Scott


G/PG-Rated Romance
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