A Mother's Wisdom

By: Cathryn J. Lombardo (ed.)

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A Mother's Wisdom is a collection of thoughts, poems, stories and anecdotes written by mothers and grandmothers of all ages and from various walks of life. In each piece, the author has graciously and lovingly shared their thoughts on motherhood and their children. Some are written in the form of letters to their child(ren), while others are more poetic or simply impart words of wisdom, but all express a mother's undying and unalterable love for her child.


A Mother's Wisdom is a lovely collection of stories, anecdotes, wise words and poems from mothers to their children. It is reminiscent of the Chicken Soup books geared toward the maternal side of the parent/child relationship. Some of the authors celebrated their children, others expressed their hopes and dreams for their child/grandchild's future, and still others imparted life lessons that they hope their children will, or already have, learned. In every case though, they articulated things that I, as a mother, can relate to and wish for my own children. Reading this book, I felt much less alone in the ups and downs of parenting. The stories by older and perhaps wiser women talked of things that I often need to be reminded of and encouraged me not only with the day-to-day stuff, but also with the things I know are coming but I have yet to encounter, such as my kids growing up and leaving home. Not only was this book uplifting, but it made me feel mothered through all the wonderful nuggets of wisdom. A Mother's Wisdom would make a great gift book for mothers of all ages, but because it is written to children, it would also make a wonderful gift from a mother to their child who is perhaps graduating, about to become a parent, or going through some life-changing transition. I highly recommend this book. It certainly expressed many of the thoughts I've had about my own children, but can't always put into words.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the editor in exchange for an honest review.


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