Satisfy Me

By: Lori Foster

Series: Brava Girlfriends

Book Number: 1

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When a new adult store opens across the street from where they work, Asia Michaels and her two best friends dare each other to go inside and ask out the first guy they see buying something that relates their fondest fantasy. Asia had a terrible marriage to a man who was incredibly selfish in bed. She's basically been avoiding men while trying to rebuild her confidence and independence, but reluctantly agrees to go first. Imagine her surprise when her handsome co-worker, Cameron O'Reilly is the one to show up buying the item in question.

Cameron has been half in love with Asia since he started working at the same company two months ago, but every time he tries to get closer to her, she tends to keep him at arms length. Cameron would do anything to get Asia to notice him as something more than just a co-worker, so when he accidentally overhears her planning the dare with her friends at the next table in the break room, he vows to be in the shop when she is. His plan works like a charm until he finds out that what he thought was her sexual fantasy is the last thing she wants.


I had previously read one novella and one full-length novel by Lori Foster and can't say that I was overly impressed with either. Since Ms. Foster seems to be well-loved among most romance readers, this had been quite disappointing to me. I decided to give her one more try and picked up her Truth or Dare anthology. The first story in it, Satisfy Me, turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this steamy little novella, and am happy to say that it has put Lori Foster back on my watch list.

Asia was a nice mix of shy uncertainty coupled with just a little bit of daring. I liked that in spite of her ex-husband having done a number on her confidence with his selfishness in the bedroom, she had managed to mostly rebuild her self-esteem and was ready to take the bull by the horns so to speak. It took some adventurousness on her part to live up to her friend's dare and go to the adult shop, then ask Cameron out when he purchased the agreed upon item. I also really appreciated that she gave Cameron a chance to explain himself when there was a miscommunication about her preferences in the bedroom, and more importantly, that she believed him rather than jumping to conclusions.

I thought that having Cameron lusting after Asia for the entire two months since he had come to work at the same company made their quick hook-up and falling for one another more believable. I just couldn't help adoring Cameron. He was just so loving, giving and focused on Asia's pleasure which of course, is exactly the kind of man she needed in her life. I liked that he was willing to do anything to get her and keep her, including something slightly kinky, even though he ended up being mistaken about that. It just showed that he was completely committed to fulfilling her needs even if it was by doing something that wasn't entirely his cup of tea.

Overall, Satisfy Me was a quick, sexy and satisfying read that is the first story in Lori Foster's Brava Girlfriends series. It introduced Asia's two best friends, Becky and Erica who become the heroines of the next two novellas, Indulge Me and Drive Me Wild respectively. I'm really looking forward to continuing the series and finding out what Becky's fantasy is. Hopefully, her story will be equally as delightful as this novella was. Satisfy Me was first published in the anthology All Through the Night. It was later reprinted in the anthology Kiss Me Again, and a third time in the single-author anthology Truth or Dare along with its two companion novellas.


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