Tears for Nanertak

By: Skip Hofstrand

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Little Nanertak is a polar bear cub. Her Arctic homeland is melting, so she and her mother, Nanuck, must leave their home in search of a new one. They undertake a harrowing journey by iceberg that is fraught with danger. Eventually, they do find a new place to live where they are able to inspire children to help restore the future of the Polar Ice Caps.


Tears for Nanertak is a wonderful picture book that teaches kids about the effects of global warming on the polar ice caps. The main character, Nanertak, is a polar bear cub. She and her mother Nanuck are loosing their home due to the melting ice. I really liked the author's repetition of the words, "drip..., drip..., drip..." throughout the story. They are always used in reference to the tears of the animals, land and people, but they also created a word picture which ingeniously invoked the feeling of melting ice. The author also empowers children with the knowledge that they are our future, and they too can do things to help slow the effects of global warming.

The illustrations are lovely. The author is also a professional water color artist who painted each of the pictures. Some of them can be purchased as art prints from his global warming series. Mr. Hofstrand adds an extra dimension to his work known as "numenistic integration" in which the water used in the paintings is collected from the area that is being painted. In this case, the water was collected from the runoff of the melting Greenland Ice Cap. Perhaps it was this method, or this combined with the author's style and color choices, but I felt the illustrations perfectly evoked the chilly landscape of the Arctic.

Overall, Tears for Nanertak was a beautiful book that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to teach younger children about global warming and inspire them to get involved in conservation efforts. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each book are being donated to an educational organization which does just that, so to my way of thinking it's a win-win for everyone.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author via the publicist, Bostick Communications, in exchange for an honest review.


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