Purr-fect Man

By: Ann Campbell

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Kate Spencer loves her job running a clinic where she rehabilitates wildlife. She's been lusting after her sexy co-worker, Quinton Tocho, who is the park's wildlife biologist. Together they've been trying to piece together the puzzle of who has been poaching mountain lions.

No one knows that Quinton is a cougar shifter, and that he's been going out into the park at night to investigate in his animal form. After accidentally becoming a victim of the poachers, Quinton finds himself locked up in a cage in Kate's clinic. Now, he must find a way to get out before the woman he's been fantasizing about discovers his secret.


Purr-fect Man is an erotic romance novelette which leans more towards erotic than romance. There's plenty of steam in this short story, but despite the heroine thinking to herself that she's fallen in love with the hero, the characters make no declarations of love. In fact, oddly enough, they don't ever even share a kiss on the lips. Normally, this would be a big detractor for me in a story that is billed as romance and is the main reason I knocked off a star, but the author managed to create some smokin' hot chemistry between Kate and Quinton that made it an enjoyable read in spite of the lack of more tender romantic interactions. Them already knowing each other through work and them lusting after one another for quite a while made their quick hook-up more believable too.

Because of the short length of only 46 pages, there isn't a lot of backstory given on Kate and Quinton. Kate is a veterinarian working in a center that rehabilitates injured or orphaned wildlife, and Quinton is a wildlife biologist. They've been working to find the poachers who've been taking mountain lions from the park where they both work. Quinton is a sexy Native American who also happens to be a cougar shape-shifter. In his cat form, he alternates between barely leashed tension and purring like a pussy cat, which was cute. In his human male form, he's all dominating alpha, but not in an overwhelming way. Quinton has been the object of Kate's dreams, desires, and fantasies for a long time, so when he shows up nearly naked in the clinic where she was spending the night, she's very forward with her invitation for him to join her on her pallet. They share a steamy night together, catch the bad guy, and then Kate's suspicions of Quinton's motives force him to finally reveal his secret shifter side. Overall, Purr-fect Man is a well-written and satisfying read that fans of erotic e-book quickies should enjoy.

Note: This novelette contains explicit language and sexual situations including spanking and anal play, which may offend some readers.


Ann Campbell