A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection

By: Heidi Ashworth, Joyce DiPastena, Sarah M. Eden, Donna Hatch, Annette Lyon, Heather B. Moore

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A Timeless Romance Winter Anthology includes six short historical stories in an international combination certain to delight readers with little free time. These are complete stories of just the right length to read on lunch break, at the laundromat, or while the little ones nap. The variety includes something to suit everyone's tastes.


I especially liked the international speech and locale touches. The Road to Covan Town included intriguing Irish customs and themes. My favorite was Caroles on the Green, where 1151 England customs included obedient women. Independent-minded Isabel is determined to not bend for any man, and carries it to the point of contrariness, creating difficult times for Sir Lucian, who loves her and wants to marry her, but must first rescue her from herself.

A Winter's Knight, set in 1813 England is an intriguing tale of a bright young woman bringing light to a castle's dark curse. A Fortunate Exile brought to mind rigid American standards for 1900 women. The story had me smiling when Lillian's exile to her rigid aunt's house turns into an unexpected blessing when she meets Yale student Peter Weathers.

An Unexpected Proposal was set in a Utah logging camp run by a couple from Denmark and was a fun read. It Happened Twelfth Night, which took place at a 74th birthday celebration for old King George, left me wondering how a rake like Percy Brooksley ever came to bring a gentleman like Mr. Flynn home from war with him, and just who the stranger was. Mr. Flynn shows up in the story without a background, and is a perfect, kind, and caring gentleman while he watches over Louisa Darlington, a lady devastated when she sees and overhears her love Percy making up to another woman. Joshua Flynn came across so caring and heroic I wanted to read more about the wonderful man.

Note: I received a copy of this book from author, Donna Hatch, in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Delores Goodrick Beggs.

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