The Christmas Present

By: Lori Foster

Series: The Brava Brothers

Book Number: 3

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When Beth Monroe caught her fiancé cheating on her, she decided to get back at him by having revenge sex with his best friend, Levi Masterson. Little did she know that Levi has been madly in love with her from afar since she started dating his best friend, so he's more than happy to fulfill her request. The only problem is that Beth expected it to be a quick, one-time, no-strings deal, but it ended up being the best sex of her life and stretched out into an entire weekend of passion. When the blissful fog finally clears, Beth is scared and confused by the intensity of her feelings for Levi, so she heads home for Christmas with her family with him in hot pursuit. If Levi can just convince Beth that they were always meant for each other, it will be the most perfect Christmas ever.


The Christmas Present is a sweet, sexy novella from Lori Foster that is a wrap-up to her Brava Brothers series. Even though everything happened perhaps a tad to quick to be entirely believable, I loved it anyway. The hero and heroine are adorable, and their friends to lovers romance is a favorite theme of mine. I also enjoyed seeing the heroes and heroines of the previous books as the supporting cast. Overall, it was a fun addition to my holiday-themed reading.

Levi and Beth are perfect for each other, but before they can have an HEA, Levi must convince Beth of that fact. Beth was just cheated on by her philandering fiancé, and went to Levi, who was his best friend, looking for a little revenge sex. It was so sweet how Levi had been in love with Beth the entire time she was with his best friend and didn't know what he was going to do if they finally got married. With that being the case, he was more than happy to oblige Beth's request, but what was supposed to be a one-night stand turned into a whole weekend of pure bliss. The intensity of feelings she experienced with Levi scared Beth to death and sent her running. Beth's fears made perfect sense given how rapidly her life changed. She went from being engaged to one man to facing the possibility she has been in love with his best friend all along, overnight. I positively loved how Levi doggedly pursued her all the way back to her hometown, quickly won her family over to his cause with his charming honesty, and finally convinced Beth that they were totally right for each other and always had been. It was so wonderful how he knew so much about her just from being friends with her, far more than her ex-fiancé ever knew, right down to all her favorite things. It was also cute how he kept insisting he wanted to marry her even though they'd only been a couple for a few days. Again, it made sense though, because he'd loved her from afar for so long, he already knew she was the only woman for him. Theirs was definitely a whirlwind, but swoon-worthy romance.

Beth's family were all present to lend their support and I very much appreciated that they were being protective but not meddlesome. Her step-brother, Ben, and his wife, Sierra (Never Too Much); her father, Ken and step-mother, Brooke, (who represented the secondary romance in Never Too Much); and Ben's half-brother, Noah and his wife, Grace (Too Much Temptation), all had roles in the story. Each couple also had brief and sweetly sensuous scenes of their own. All in all, The Christmas Present was another great read from Lori Foster and a nice way to end the series. Now that I've finally finished the Brava Brothers, I'll have to figure out which of her books I want to read next. The Christmas Present can be found in the anthology I'm Your Santa.


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