Sweet Music

By: David Bond

Series: All Things Are Possible

Book Number: 2

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Allison Allbright meets farmer Keith Weaver when the helicopter she's riding in makes a brief stop to view his farm in Amish country and she is in desperate need of a bathroom. Back home again, Allison visits her doctor and discovers she has diabetes. Her fiancé, Tony Carlin, knows which of the area farms are in debt and has big dreams of buying them cheap and building a mall in the quiet Amish farming country. The helicopter trip was for the purpose of viewing the prospective properties he needs to get hold of for his purpose. Only, he has miscalculated the farmers close ties to their land.


This book quickly absorbed my full attention. I couldn't stop reading, I finished it in one day. Author David Bond did a wonderful job of seamlessly interjecting into the manuscript the day to day life of a person diagnosed with diabetes - the good, the bad, the problems faced, and finding the bright side of life regardless.

Allison Allbright learns the hard way to control her newly-diagnosed illness and minimize its effects on her life to the point she became a real heroine to me as I read of her struggles and how she worked to gain control of her health while putting on a perfect front for her wealthy fiancé and working to support herself as a therapist and by giving private flute and piano lessons. Allison gradually grows closer to farmer-businessman Keith Weaver, who knows about her health problem and accepts her for who she is, in spite of the fact his own personal and business problems are stacking up on him. She reaches a point where she could let the diabetes get to her or she could make the best of it. She makes a choice.

The book also offers a warm and delightful insight into Pennsylvania Amish families when Keith hires the son of his neighbor to assist him in his budding construction and remodeling business, and "his dark eyes shimmered as he studied his handiwork, a man doing what he enjoyed, and a man content."

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Delores Goodrick Beggs.


David Bond


Medical Drama