A Shade of Vampire

By: Bella Forrest

Series: A Shade of Vampire

Book Number: 1

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On Sofia Clements 17th birthday she is kidnapped to a vampire coven's dark island where the sun never shines to be a gift for a dark Prince who has recently awakened from four centuries of sleep. She is selected by the Prince, coven leader Derek Novak, from hundreds of girls to join his royal harem. Sofia was abandoned by her family after her mother was sent away to a lunatic asylum, and before her kidnapping she relied heavily on her special best friend Benjamin Hudson for support.

Benjamin is also kidnapped, while searching for Sofia, but he falls into the hands of Vivienne, Derek's evil twin sister. The siblings also have an evil brother, Lucas. Derek takes steps to protect Sofia from Lucas, who would hurt her, when she tries to escape. Sofia is determined to do whatever necessary to escape from the dark island, but in her planning she doesn't count on developing loving feelings for Derek.


High school senior Sofia Clements feels abandoned by her family, and now by her best friend Benjamin Hudson who has once again forgotten her birthday. She walks outside into the night to the seashore where she meets a man so fine he is almost beautiful, never suspecting he is a predator with plans to kidnap her and take her to a dark vampire world where the sun never shines. She is meant to be a gift for his brother, the dark Prince, newly awakened after 4 centuries of sleep.

When Sofia awakens she immediately searches her surroundings for a way out of her predicament. Added to her worries about escaping, and getting along with the other vampires resentment of her privileged position, is the fact she discovers her best friend Benjamin has also been kidnapped, only he's been made a slave. As slaves are treated poorly in the dark world, she worries about Ben even while falling in love with her Prince. She is determined to see for herself Ben is all right.

This book is the first of a series by this title, and is a fast paced story that swiftly transports the reader to the dark realm of the vampire clan. The story flows smoothly from start to finish as Sofia copes not only with the unexpected obstacles, but also with the vampires who resent her growing influence over the Prince of Shades. The only thing I had a problem with was the way after the first few, the chapters of the book tended to start with a new first person "I" whether it was Sofia or the Prince. I had to pause and re-orient myself to whose thoughts I was in. The author creates a dark and unique setting for this novel that at times seems almost nightmarish.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Delores Goodrick Beggs.


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