Do Over

By: Mari Carr

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Troy and Faith Wainwright were high-school sweethearts who fell hard and fast for one another and married young. Now in their forties, with their kids grown and away at college, Faith is having trouble coming to terms with having the house all to themselves again. She and Troy still love each other deeply, but over the years, they've fallen into a comfortable routine that doesn't really include much in the way of romance or passion. While visiting their hometown the weekend before their twenty-fifth anniversary, Troy surprises Faith with a fun-filled trip down memory lane in which they relive their first date, their first kiss, their first time making love, and many more romantic moments that rekindle their passion and prove that even long-time married lovers can still burn hot for one another.


Do Over was a sweet, romantic, and steamy read that I truly enjoyed. It's one of those rare romances about a couple who is already married and over forty. In fact, they've been together for twenty-five years. Their kids are grown and in college, and now that they have an empty nest, it's time for them to reconnect as a couple. Fortunately, they're able to accomplish that during a fun-filled weekend taking a walk down memory lane in which they 'do over' all their significant firsts: their first date, first kiss, first time making love, and more.

The entire story is told from the third-person perspective of the heroine, Faith, whose amazing husband, Troy, planned the entire excursion down to the last detail. Being at a similar place in my own life and having just celebrated twenty years of marriage, I could totally relate to the characters. They still deeply love one another, but had fallen into a comfortable routine over the years that didn't allow much time or space for romance and passion. Also, Faith has been having a particularly hard time coping with her kids being gone, but lucky for her Troy is a truly wonderful husband. For a self-described "caveman," he was a pretty romantic guy and a very tender, considerate lover. Even his somewhat dominant moments were laced with gentleness, and his deep love and respect for his wife was completely apparent in his every action. All I can say is that if my husband did for me on our twenty-fifth anniversary what Troy did for Faith, I'd be over the moon and he'd so be getting lucky.;-)

Do Over was my first read by Mari Carr, but it most definitely won't be my last. She certainly has a way with telling a great story that's both steamy and truly romantic in every sense of the word. I also greatly appreciated that the mechanics of her writing were rock solid with no real errors that I caught. It seems rather rare to find this combination in an erotic romance author, so when I do, I'm always eager to try more of their work.

Note: This story contains explicit language and sexual content, including mildly dominating behavior, light bondage, and anal play, but in my opinion everything was very tastefully done to the point that it barely even felt like an erotic romance, more like an ultra-steamy one.


Mari Carr