How I Met the Man of My Dreams: A Guide to MANifesting Yours

By: Debbianne DeRose

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Ladies, are you having trouble finding Mr. Right? Have you been looking for years, but the only men who seem to cross your path are Mr. Wrongs or Mr. Right Nows? Well, in her book How I Met the Man of My Dreams: A Guide to MANifesting Yours, self-help guru Debbianne DeRose shows you how to use the metaphysical to MANifest that Man of Your Dreams, as well as how to use the time while waiting for him to come to you to prepare for his arrival. Whether you're new to the "woo-woo" or an old veteran, Ms. DeRose offers helpful tips and steps you can take to be more comfortable with yourself so that you can attract that perfect-for-you mate for whom you've been eagerly waiting, and she does it all in a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact manner filled with humor and insight. Reading her book is just like talking with your best gal pals, and the icing on the cake is that she shares her own story of finally finding love. So what are you waiting for (besides Mr. Right)? Kick back, have fun, read her book, and start MANifesting that Man of Your Dreams.


As a woman who has been married for twenty years, I'm not quite the intended audience for How I Met the Man of My Dreams, but I agreed to review it anyway. It appealed to the hopeless romantic in me, and I had a certain degree of curiosity as to what the author had to share. Now that I've read it, I'd have to say that overall, I was pretty impressed with her advice. I think more single women who are looking for a man should read this book and take its messages to heart, because all too often, I see them making mistakes. I'm a big fan of the television show, The Bachelor, in large part, because I'm a student of human nature. It might sound weird to say, but it appeals to my inner psychology geek. The women on the show frequently make the dating mistakes I mentioned earlier, especially those who are trying to force a relationship that just isn't in the cards for them. Perhaps the producers of the show should hand out copies of Ms. DeRose's book to all the ladies who don't get roses. In all honesty, I'm not really joking here, but I digress.

Seriously though, many women try to force chemistry with a man based on wishful thinking or outright force a relationship that isn't truly working or what they're truly longing for, because they're afraid of being alone. Ultimately, this is probably going to be a recipe for disaster in the long-term. That's why I really like that the author councils women to face their fears and let go of relationships that aren't working, while believing that the right man is out there. However, the reader may need to work on herself first before she'll actually be ready for the Man of her Dreams, and this waiting period is preparing her for that eventuality. She simply needs to chill and be patient, as well as learn to be happy and content with herself as part of getting ready for that dream man, which I think is very sound advice.

What I liked most about the book was that even though I'm not in the target demographic, I found much food for thought that could be applied to daily life, not just MAN-hunting. Ms. DeRose talks a lot about adjusting our beliefs and clearing out old belief garbage that may be holding us back from our full potential. I also liked what she had to say about Reactance and Resistance. I'm admittedly guilty of both more often than I'd like to admit, and think I (and many other readers) could definitely benefit from reducing Reactance and Resistance in my life. I can't help thinking that I'd probably be a lot more content if I did, so that's something I hope to work on. I also gleaned a lot of wisdom from the sections on active appreciation vs. gratitude and thinking more positively. Even though I'm not currently seeking a man, being a list-maker, I could appreciate the advice on making a list of MAN-qulities or building your ideal Franken-MAN. It seems that making lists like this might be beneficial in other areas of life as well.

In addition to all the bits of wisdom I took away from this book, I really just simply enjoyed reading it. Ms. DeRose has a very easy-to-read writing style that is part straight-talking, part humor, and part empathy and compassion. Reading this book was kind of like sitting down with an old friend to discuss these things. Again, the hopeless romantic in me enjoyed reading about her personal love connection too. Now admittedly readers will probably have to be open to at least the idea of the metaphysical (or "woo-woo" as the author calls it) in order to fully appreciate this book. I consider myself to be a very open-minded and spiritual person, but there are still bits of the woo-woo that feel strange to me (I'm sure the author would say that my physical-mind is getting in the way:-)). In general though, I really liked the positivity and feel-good nature of this book. I may not be looking for a man, but I came away from reading it feeling inspired to make some changes in my life and my thinking.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Debbianne DeRose