Dangerous Reflections

By: Shay West

Series: The Adventures of Alexis Davenport

Book Number: 1

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Alexis Davenport is angry. Her mother has forced her to move to Grand Junction, Colorado, to live with her mother's sister, away from all her friends and the life she knows. Even if it's because her father left them and took all their money, no one asked her opinion. Alex is expecting the worst, her first year of high school in a new school with no friends. On the way to their new home, Alexis sees another girl's face in the mirror, a girl from the past, and has no idea what to make of it. The siting happens again, and this time, when she touches the mirror, she ends up in this girl's body, trapped in the past, until she accomplishes what she's been sent to do.

Alexis has a special gift. Her consciousness leaves her body and enters the body of another person in the past. And each time, she has a mission, working against an evil presence that wants to change history in the worst of ways. And this is on top of dealing with the usual angst of teenage years, like the mean girls who have it in for her, and a crush on the "It Boy" at school who happens to be her lab partner. Alex's life is about to get a lot more interesting.


I had no idea what to expect of this book, but it turned out to be a very enthralling read. Alex is a character that will stimulate a mix of emotions in the reader. At times, I felt like her ungrateful behavior towards her mother and aunt was very hard to swallow--she seemed a little bratty. But it was clear that Alex had a lot of reason to be troubled, on top of just being a girl on the cusp of womanhood. I also felt deep sympathy for the intense bullying she had to deal with by a classmate who decides she has in it for Alex. West captures the tension, the awkwardness and the everyday terror of being an unpopular teenager who is finding their way through difficult social situations. This part was very well-written and realistic. Readers who have struggled with being bullied will find solace here, and it's also a good learning experience for those who managed to avoid bullying in their teen years. I like how the writing shows Alex's growth and her developing emotional maturity in these situations without being preachy. It was an interesting touch that Alex was such a huge history buff. I liked that she really enjoyed school and learning, and how this was a pivotal aspect to her personality.

The time traveling aspect was intriguing and exciting. Alex's gift is very special, and she has to learn to live with it and employ it to do the right thing and to stay safe. There are some thrilling scenes as Alex faces a nefarious person with similar abilities and a lot more experience, teamed with no scruples. History buffs will appreciate the various snapshots in history, and feel like they are walking in Alex's shoes as she works to preserve history but make the right decisions.

Dangerous Reflections is a good start to a series, and it ends in a way that will draw readers into continuing the series. Alex's growth as a person is realistic, and readers will sympathize with her and cheer her on as her experiences as a time traveler empower her to have courage in her everyday battles. I recommend this book to young adult readers and readers of young adult fantasy fiction.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Danielle Hill.


Shay West