Some Like It Hot

By: Lori Foster

Series: Dean Brothers & Friend

Book Number: 2

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Cary Rupert is a family practitioner whose office is next-door to his best friend, Axel's. Cary often stops in after work to visit his friend and has developed a major crush on Axel's shy nurse, Nora Chilton. Unfortunately, Nora has shot him down every time he asks her out. Nora is not only socially awkward, but she's afraid to go out with him, because she wants what she had in her first marriage, a real relationship with a solid family man, not just a roll in the hay. Cary may not initially know her reasons for turning down his dinner date offers, but he's determined not to let Nora get away so easily. He's more than willing to pull out all the stops to show her what he really has to offer and what she's been missing.


Some Like It Hot is the second story in Lori Foster's Dean Brothers & Friend novella series. It represents the "friend" portion of the series, featuring Axel Dean's best friend, Cary Rupert, a family practitioner, who has is bad for Axel's nurse, Nora. She's a tough nut to crack though, as she keeps turning him down, so Cary really has his work cut out for him convincing her they can be good together and that he can be trusted.

Nora is just too cute and sweet for words. She's a kind of geeky plain-Jane who wears glasses. I could totally relate to her social awkwardness, as well as her preference for relationships over casual sex. She's probably one of the most, if not the most, innocent heroine I've ever read in a contemporary romance, which might be off-putting to some readers, but worked incredibly well for me. In spite of being married for six months, she's still near-virginal and very self-conscious about sex, but her reasons were sound and believable. I thought that Ms. Foster built Nora's characterization quite well, especially considering the brevity of the story.

Cary was an almost perfect hero for me as well. He's definitely an alpha, but one of the good guys with a heart of gold. I love that even though Nora shot him down multiple times, he wouldn't give up on her. He knows that she's the woman for him and would do almost anything to prove it, right down to giving her everything she's always dreamed of. He's very sweetly seductive, gently persuading Nora to give him a chance and then coaxing her out of her shell. I also loved that Cary went for the shy, plain girl even though she's not his usual type and Axel thinks he's a bit strange for it, and that he thought she was so sexy, he lost control in a way he never had before. He was just an all-around great guy.

I absolutely loved this little novelette. It may have been short, but it was very satisfying to the hopeless romantic in me. Things may have moved quickly, but I was totally able to buy into the scenario. Cary and Nora's relationship is sweet and romantic, just the way I like it, while their love scene is super-hot and emotional. Since Cary is best friends with the Dean Brothers, Booker (He See's You When You're Sleeping) and Axel get some page time too. Axel is such a playboy, I'm still not sure what to think of him, but hopefully he'll find his match in his own story, Playing Doctor, which is the third and final one of the series. Some Like It Hot was originally published in the Perfect for the Beach multi-author anthology, but is soon to be reprinted (Dec. 2015) in the single-author anthology, Give It Up, along with it's two companion novellas.


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