One Wilde Weekend

By: Janelle Denison

Series: Wilde

Book Number: 2.5

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Alex Wilde and Dana Reed have been dating for a year. On their anniversary getaway at a beautiful beach-front resort, Alex plans to propose. He's more than ready to settle down, but he knows that commitment-phobic, career-driven Dana may be hesitant about taking the next step in their relationship. That's why he has an entire weekend of mind-blowing sex planned that will fulfill her every desire and show her that she can trust him to be in control of their relationship and her heart.


One Wilde Weekend is a short novella that falls between The Wilde Side and Too Wilde to Tame in Janelle Denison's Wilde series. It features Alex Wilde, brother of Scott (The Wilde Side) and Mia (Too Wilde to Tame) and cousin to the Wilde men from the earlier stories, as the hero. He and his girlfriend, Dana, are celebrating their one year dating anniversary. Alex is more than ready to take the next step in their relationship, but Dana isn't too sure. That makes Alex pull out all the stops to prove that she's the only woman for him, she can trust him with her heart, and that they have a future together.

Dana is a career-driven woman who never thought she would get married. In fact, until Alex, she's never dated the same guy for more than a few months. Not unlike all of the other heroines in this series, she's a commitment-phobe. Because of the short length of the story, her background isn't hugely developed, but there was just enough for me to understand her. It seems her mother was always dependent on having a man in her life, so Dana swore she'd be independent and never rely on a man for anything. Now she has Alex, a man whom she's more comfortable with than anyone else she's ever dated, asking her to marry him. But she doesn't know if she's ready to take than big of a step.

Alex was a wonderful man. He understands Dana in a way no one else in her life ever has. He knows how much her career means to her, and he's never tried to change a thing about her. He's even been comfortable letting her take the reins in their relationship, because he understands her need for control. But now that he's ready to propose, he needs her to know that she can trust him not to ask too much of her and not to hurt her. To prove that, he decides to take control of their sex life for the duration of their weekend anniversary getaway, and boy does he ever do an amazing job with that. Whew! (Fans self.;-))

For such a short novella (43 pages), it was packed with some of the most delicious, smoldering hot love scenes I've ever read, and they're just barely this side of erotic. Alex sure knows how to please a woman and persuade her to take a chance on a forever love with him. Having the hero and heroine already in a well-established relationship when it begins definitely helped to make the short length pack a huge punch and be totally satisfying. It didn't take me long, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent reading it. It's my favorite story I've read by Janelle Denison so far, which makes me look forward to the rest of the series. One Wilde Weekend can be found in the anthology, Perfect for the Beach.

Note: While perhaps not quite what I would term erotic, this book contains some very steamy content including mile-high sex, light bondage, and mild dominant play. IMHO, everything was tastefully done, but it could make some readers uncomfortable.


Janelle Denison