A Dog Named Cat

By: Richa Kinra, Anne Toole

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A little dog is adopted from the animal shelter, and his new family names him Cat. When a mouse tells him he isn't a cat, he begins to wonder why his family named him that. After finding out more about cats from the mouse and the other animals, he comes to the conclusion that cats aren't very nice and he doesn't want that name anymore. So he decides to do whatever he must to get his family to give him a new name.


A Dog Named Cat is a cute children's picture book about a little dog whose family names him Cat. When he finds out from the other animals that he isn't a cat and that cats aren't very nice, he sets out to get his family to change his name.

The story is written in fun rhyming verses. My only critique here is that sometimes the verses seem a little uneven and maybe don't flow as well as they could. I guess I've gotten used to rhyming books that are more in the style of Dr. Seuss, so when I read ones that don't have that kind of a steady rhythm, it seems a little off. On the upside, though, the author uses words that are appropriate to the age group that would most likely be reading a book like this, and uses some repetition as well. This makes it accessible to beginning readers who are starting to read independently. I'm sure this is a testament to the author's background as an elementary school teacher.

The illustrations are simple, but bright and colorful, which will likely draw young eyes. All the animal characters are very cute, especially the dog. A little more sophistication in the artwork would have been appreciated, but overall they're a nice compliment to the story. Aside from a couple of minor issues, I found this to be a nice, fun little book that I'm sure kids will enjoy.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author via the publicist, Bostick Communications, in exchange for an honest review.


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