I Was a Teenage Bigfoot

By: Jim Butcher

Series: The Dresden Files

Book Number: 7.2

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Spoiler Disclaimer


Harry's old Bigfoot friend, River Shoulders, asks Harry to look in on his son, Irwin, at boarding school, since his mother is out of the country on an archaeological dig. The boy is sick, when Bigfoots aren't usually susceptible to human illnesses, so he's concerned about his son's well-being. Harry readily agrees to making sure Irwin is OK, and ends up finding out that there's more than meet the eye to the boy's condition.


I Was a Teenage Bigfoot is a novelette in the Dresden Files series that takes place around the same time as the full-length novel Dead Beat in the series chronology. It's also the second in a group of stories sometimes called The Bigfoot Trilogy that follow Harry as he helps his friend River Shoulders, who is a Bigfoot, look after his son, Irwin, who doesn't know that his father is a creature of legend. In this one, Harry is tasked with going to the boarding school where Irwin attends to check on him, since his mother is out of town on an archaeological dig. Bigfoots aren't supposed to get sick with human diseases, but surprisingly the boy is ill. This leaves Harry to find out why, and he finds some supernatural shenanigans afoot.

These Bigfoot stories have been fun so far, and this one, in particular, was light and amusing. I love Harry for being committed to his job and for not taking "no" for an answer in making sure his charge was OK. I also love how he handled the situation when he found out who the perpetrator was. It was quite funny, as was the way in which the story began. This little novelette was very well-written and engaging and I didn't necessarily feel like there was anything else to tell, so my only real complaint here is that it was too short of a foray into Harry's world. But otherwise, I very much enjoyed it. I Was a Teenage Bigfoot can be found in the anthology, Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Jim Butcher