Four: A Divergent Collection

By: Veronica Roth

Series: Divergent

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Spoiler Disclaimer


Four is a collection of four short stories focusing on the character Four from the Divergent series. The first three pre-date the events of Divergent by about two years, while the fourth one takes place concurrently with some of the events in Divergent.

The Transfer (Divergent #0.1)

The Initiate (Divergent #0.2)

The Son (Divergent #0.3)

The Traitor (Divergent #0.4)

Bonus Content - Three additional scenes from Divergent, "First Jumper - Tris!," "Careful Tris," and "You Look Good, Tris," all re-written from Four's perspective.


Since all but one of the short stories contained in Four pre-date the rest of the Divergent series chronology, this book is now largely considered a prequel to the series. However, the stories contained in it were written and published after the rest of the series. IMHO, it's better to read the series first and then read these stories as an addition. Otherwise, readers will get some significant spoilers for the main part of the series. Also, if read in this order, readers will already have an understanding of who Four is as a character as well as some knowledge of the common characters who are introduced in the series and the faction system as a whole.

The Transfer (Divergent #0.1) - Star Rating: ****1/2; Sensuality Rating: 0

The Initiate (Divergent #0.2) - Star Rating: ****1/2; Sensuality Rating: 0

The Son (Divergent #0.3) - Star Rating: *****; Sensuality Rating: 0.5

The Traitor (Divergent #0.4) - Star Rating: ****1/2; Sensuality Rating: 1

Bonus Content - At the end of the book, we get three additional scenes from Divergent written from Four's POV. First, is his reaction to Tris being the first jumper on choosing day. The second one continues with the events of choosing day in Dauntless, as Four gives the new transfers a tour of the facility and shares their first meal as new Dauntless initiates. The final one, I can't recall the exact timing of, but I believe it's later in the story, when a party is taking place in the Pit. Four has a little too much to drink and the alcohol loosens his tongue around Tris. Again, I felt like all of these scenes gave me valuable insights into Four's mind and emotions and would have been helpful if included in the main story.


Veronica Roth