Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth

By: Barbara Park

Series: Junie B. Jones

Book Number: 3

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It all starts when Junie B. shot off her mouth in kindergarten, and she got punished. Then Mrs., her teacher, invited a cop to class, and he talks about his job. Next comes a dentist, and she teaches about teeth. Mrs. talks about job day, and then the next day, Junie B. says that her job will be the best. At recess, she sees candy on the ground, and she puts it in her mouth. A janitor tells her to spit it out. On Monday, she shared with the class that she was going to be a janitor, but everyone laughed. She felt really crummy inside. Mrs. invited the janitor over, and he told everyone about his job. Junie B. became good friends with the janitor.


I would recommend this to my friends, because it shows great action. I like it, because Junie B. is a funny girl but not clever. Barbara Park is a famous writer, and she should make more books about this funny little girl.

Note: Synopsis and review by a female reviewer, age 8.

Parent's Note: This book is part of the Junie B. Jones series. A complete list of the books can be found on the Junie B. Jones website.


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