The Watson Brothers

By: Lori Foster

Series: The Watson Brothers

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Spoiler Disclaimer


The Watson Brothers is an anthology of three steamy contemporary romance novellas that comprise Lori Foster's series of the same name. Synopses and reviews of each individual novella in this anthology can be read via the links below.

My House, My Rules (#1)

Bringing up Baby (#2)

Good with His Hands (#3)


My House, My Rules (#1) - Star Rating: ****; Sensuality Rating: 4.5

Bringing up Baby (#2) - Star Rating: ****; Sensuality Rating: 4

Good with His Hands (#3) - Star Rating: *****; Sensuality Rating: 4

Note: Each novella has been summarized and reviewed separately. The overall rating for the book is the average of the ratings for each individual story.


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