Good with His Hands

By: Lori Foster

Series: The Watson Brothers

Book Number: 3

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Pete Watson has been having a hard time tamping down his lustful thoughts about his good friend, Cassidy McClannahan. But thus far, Cassidy seems completely unaffected by his efforts at flirting, making Pete think that she only wants to be friends. Little does he know that Cassidy has been very affected by his mere presence and having some lusty thoughts of her own. But Pete always dates glamorous girls, while she's a no-nonsense tomboy, who doesn't feel like she can compete.

When Pete hears passionate noises coming from Cassidy's apartment one night, his jealousy flares. Unable to sleep, he visits Cassidy early the next morning and decides to throw caution to the wind, revealing his true feelings. When it leads to sexy fun, Pete knows he'll never get enough of his best friend. But can she give up her idealized notion of marrying a man in a suit and settle for a free-spirit like him?


Good with His Hands is the third and final novella in Lori Foster's Watson Brothers series. In this one, we have youngest brother Pete paired with his good friend, co-worker, and next-door neighbor, Cassidy. Unbeknownst to one another, they've each been having lustful thoughts about the other for a while, but their mistaken impressions are getting in the way of them becoming more than friends. Pete is frustrated that Cassidy never gives him even a hint that she might be romantically interested in him and thinks that she only wants to be friends. Cassidy knows that Pete's usual types are glamorous girls, while she's anything but. Not to mention, she's always thought she'd marry a guy in a suit who knows exactly where he's going in life, while Pete plays things a little more loose and easy. Once they set their respective doubts aside, they discover a burning passion for one another no one else can satisfy.

Good with His Hands is a super-cute friends to lovers story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Cassidy is a no-nonsense girl after my own heart. I love that she's no-frills and doesn't spend hours primping. Between her and her sister, everyone thinks she's the sensible one, which I could relate to as well. Pete is a real charmer and a total hottie, who has grown up a lot from his role in each of his brothers' novellas. He realizes pretty quickly that Cassidy is the woman for him even though she's not his usual type. The story moves very quickly with them going from friends, to lovers, to engaged in the matter of one weekend, which usually doesn't work well for me, but this time, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I think it was partly the fact that they'd had a very close, best friends type of relationship for quite a while before the story even begins, plus they work together every day and live in adjoining condos. This made the rapid progression more believable since they already know each other very well. Also, I could really feel an emotional and passionate connection between Pete and Cassidy. Lori Foster is masterful with writing hot, sensual love scenes, too, that helped to show just how compatible they are. This may have been a short novella, but for me, it packed a lot of feeling into a small package, making it my favorite of the series and ending it on a high note. Good with His Hands was originally published in the anthology, Bad Boys in Black Tie, and was later reprinted in the single author anthology, The Watson Brothers, along with it's two companion novellas.


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