A Gift for Kit

By: Nalini Singh

Series: Psy-Changeling

Book Number: 5.2

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Since the death of their parents, Rina Monaghan and her brother, Kit, have only had each other and their pack. Rina is a DarkRiver soldier, and on the day that Kit gets the honor of becoming a soldier, too, Rina plans a memorable day that includes a trip to their favorite spot in the woods and a special gift.


"A Gift for Kit" is an extremely short story of only approximately five pages that takes place between Hostage to Pleasure and Branded by Fire in the Psy-Changeling series chronology. It features brother and sister duo, Rina and Kit Monaghan, who lost both of their parents, so now all they have is each other and their pack. Rina is a DarkRiver soldier and on the day that Kit becomes one, too, she plans a surprise for him that includes a special gift.

It can be really difficult to rate these little extras because of their brevity, but I did very much enjoy the playful and loving sibling interactions between Rina and Kit. I think my biggest issue was simply remembering who they were, because neither has yet headlined their own book. At this point in the series, they're both still pretty young and have only been seen as supporting characters. They certainly have potential, though, so perhaps they'll get stories of their own sometime in the future. "A Gift for Kit" can be read for free on the author's website, or with a subscription to her newsletter, it can be downloaded for free as part of the anthology, Newsletter Exclusives: Volume 1.


Nalini Singh