Wild Invitation
0.1 Beat of Temptation
0.2 Whisper of Sin
Slave to Sensation
1.1 The Shower
1.2 The Cannibal Princess
Visions of Heat
2.5 Echo of Silence
Caressed by Ice
3.5 Stroke of Enticement
Mine to Possess
4.5 A Conversation
Hostage to Pleasure
5.1 Dorian
5.2 A Gift for Kit
5.3 Movie Night
Branded by Fire
Blaze of Memory
7.5 Christmas in the Kitchen
Bonds of Justice
Play of Passion
9.1 Declaration of Courtship
9.2 Home
10 Kiss of Snow
10.1 Wild Night
10.2 Naya's Most Important Visitors
10.3 Grocery Shopping
10.4 Stalking Hawke
10.5 Texture of Intimacy
10.6 Pancakes
11 Tangle of Need