The Cannibal Princess

By: Nalini Singh

Series: Psy-Changeling

Book Number: 1.2

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Lucas and Sascha are babysitting for Roman and Julian, the cubs of his pack members, Nathan and Tamsyn. The rambunctious boys want Sascha to tell them a story, but since she was never told stories when she was growing up, she has no basis upon which to understand storytelling. Lucas steps in to help her out, entertaining the boys with a fanciful tale about a princess who's eats little boys, while helping Sascha learn about this time-honored tradition.


The Cannibal Princess is a short story in the Psy-Changeling series, featuring Lucas and Sascha from Slave to Sensation. It falls between their book and the next one, Visions of Heat, in the series chronology. In this one, Lucas and Sascha are babysitting Nate and Tamsyn's two little cubs, Roman and Julian. The boys want Sascha to tell them a story, but it ends up being Lucas who makes up a story with the same title as this one. I liked the touch of vulnerability in Sascha. Having an emotionless upbringing, she was never told stories and has no idea how to do it. Lucas not only steps in to save the day, but he also agrees to help her learn how to tell stories in the future. I also liked that she was almost as enthralled by Lucas's story as the boys were. Roman and Julian are adorable, typical little boys with boundless energy and an eagerness to listen, especially since the story was scary. Because of it's brevity, there were a few things I would have preferred be a bit longer and more detailed, but overall, this is a cute story that was a nice addition to the greater story of Lucas and Sascha and to the series as a whole. The Cannibal Princess can be read for free on the author's website.


Nalini Singh


Babies & Children
G/PG-Rated Romance