Devil's Contract

By: E. S. Magill

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A satirical piece that mimics a software contract, while roasting both corporations and the people who don't bother to read these types of contracts.


"Devil's Contract" is an extremely short piece of just under seven pages. I call it a piece rather than a story, because there are no characters or plot, so it really isn't a story. It's actually a satire of a software contract that pokes fun both at our corporate overlords and how much power they wield over us, as well as the people who never read said contracts. I started out reading it, thinking it might be kind of dry, but in reality it was so incredibly witty and well-done that I laughed so hard I cried. I think it was so hilarious because it really hits the nail on the head, containing a lot of truth about the way in which both people and corporations behave. I also have to give the author major props for taking me by surprise and for her imaginative creativity. This is definitely my favorite piece so far in the Blood Lite III: Aftertaste anthology where it's found

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