For Sale

By: David Sakmyster

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A Realtor's listing for a haunted house that's for sale, which makes appeals to the buyer as it being the perfect place for them and their family.


"For Sale" is a short piece of only about six pages. Like a couple of other offerings in the Blood Lite III: Aftertaste anthology, where it's found, it doesn't have a plot, which is why I called it a piece instead of a story. It's basically a detailed listing of a house that's for sale, which appears to be haunted. Like any good sales listing for a home, it tries to appeal to the buyer by making it sound like the perfect place to live. Yet at the same time, it's both creepy and funny. Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable and cleverly written little piece that made me chuckle a few times.

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David Sakmyster