By: Sherri Hayes

Series: Finding Anna

Book Number: 4.5

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Sensuality Rating:



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Logan Mattson and Lily Adams were introduced by a mutual friend one year ago. To celebrate their first anniversary as a couple, Logan has planned a romantic weekend getaway, during which they indulge in all sorts of sexy and kinky fun.


Indulge is a short novelette in Sherri Hayes's Finding Anna world that features supporting characters Logan and Lily. Logan has been best friends with Stephan since high school, and Lily both works with Stephan and is his ex-lover, who becomes a great friend to Anna. When the series begins, Logan and Lily have already been a couple for a little over a year. This story follows them as they celebrate their first year together. Logan plans a three-day weekend getaway to a remote cabin in northern Minnesota near Lake Superior. It will be their first time playing dom and sub for the entire weekend and they're both looking forward to it. Throughout their time together, they engage in all sorts of romantic and sexy scenarios, until the weekend is over and they're reluctant for it to end.

Indulge chronologically predates all the other books of the Finding Anna series, but I personally think it would be best to read it in publication order, which is between books four and five. That's because new readers won't know who Logan and Lily are without reading the other books and might not be as invested in their story until they've met them. I've loved Logan and Lily as secondary characters in this series, as they've both been so supportive of Stephan and Anna. There's not a lot to this short novelette beyond what I've described above, but it was great to finally get a peek into their own private lives. Lily has pretty much known since becoming sexually active that she's a sub, but when she was introduced to Logan by Stephan, he wasn't in the lifestyle. He became a somewhat reluctant Dom, but now that he's more comfortable and gaining confidence, he seems to really be enjoying it. Unfortunately, while I love this couple, their characterizations don't really deepen past what we already know about them from the other books of the series. The most interesting thing we discover is that Lily's sister has issues with their lifestyle, but it doesn't move past a mere acknowledgment of her concerns. It might have been nice to learn a little more about Logan and Lily and their background outside of their supporting character roles. In spite of feeling the story was a bit lacking, I still very much enjoyed their interactions here that I found to be extremely romantic and super-sexy. This was just a fun little uncomplicated story that was a pleasure to read.

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations, including a D/s relationship, self-pleasuring in public, light bondage, use of sex toys, wax play, and anal sex, all of which could be objectionable to sensitive readers.


Sherri Hayes