The Kandy Shoppe

By: Debora Dennis

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Kandace Parker is sweltering in the summer heat. After her freezer goes on the fritz for the umpteenth time, all the ice cream in her shop is about to melt away, taking her profits with it. If that isn't bad enough, she's now being tormented with desire for her sexy repairman, Jason Chapman. Jason walked away from her five years ago, but Kandy still can't get him out of her dreams. Every time Jason comes to work on the freezer, he asks Kandy to dinner, but not wanting to get hurt again, she coldly turns him down. Little does she know that Jason has been scheming to get her to give him a second chance to prove he's really serious about her this time. The offer of a new freezer combined with Jason's luscious body may prove to be more than Kandy can resist.


The Kandy Shoppe was a spicy novella about two people who have been in love with each other for years finally getting together. I wish that Jason's reasons for walking out on making love to Kandy five years ago had been explored a little more deeply. It seems he simply wasn't ready yet to make a commitment to her and settle down into being a one woman man. Kandy was understandably upset about this, but he did really work hard at making it up to her. It was rather sweet that he was being so persistent, although perhaps a bit underhanded on his part, to purposely not fix her freezer so she'd have to keep calling him for repairs. Even though Jason had been the star of all her dreams and sensual fantasies all these years, Kandy was being stubborn about not letting him get to her, so I guess Jason was somewhat justified in his methods. In the end, it all worked out. Their previous relationship and the fact that neither one had ever gotten over the other made their quick hook-up believable. Their love scenes were just this side of erotic and so smokin' hot they nearly set my eReader on fire.;-) Overall, The Kandy Shoppe was a really fun and enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half of my reading time, and a great way to warm up on a cool winter's day. It was my first read by Debora Dennis, but definitely won't be my last.


Debora Dennis


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