Fear the Darkness

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: Dark-Hunters

Book Number: 11

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For the first time since being turned into a Dark-Hunter, Nick Gautier returns home to New Orleans. His grief over loosing his mom and the destruction of his beloved hometown by Hurricane Katrina fuels his anger and a burning need for revenge against Acheron, but little does he know that his own quest for vengeance is playing right into the hands of two evil-doers who ask him to do something he never thought himself capable of.


Fear the Darkness is a short story that is about the length of a chapter set in the Dark-Hunter world. It follows Nick Gautier as he returns to New Orleans for the first time after being turned into a Dark-Hunter. This story added some depth and dimension to Nick's grief not only over his mother's death but also the destruction of his beloved home town following Hurricane Katrina. I liked that Nick was having some small measure of doubt about his anger toward Acheron for those two events, but he's not going to give up his burning need for revenge quite so easily with two villains playing his emotional turmoil for their own selfish gain. Overall, Fear the Darkness was a good story that appears to be a nice set-up for future events in the series. Even though I still miss the old jovial Nick, I'll be interested to see where this path takes him. Fear the Darkness is available as a free e-book download from the author's website.


Sherrilyn Kenyon


G/PG-Rated Romance
Tortured Heroes