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Anastasia Lockhart gets sent to stay with her grandparents after yet another incident of getting into trouble. Labeled as a bad girl, she is frustrated with the fact that that is all she's seen as, not given a chance to forge a different path. As a result, she's cautiously optimistic about going to Cedar Falls, a small town in Ontario, Canada. Once she's arrived in Cedar Falls, she encounters Frost Stone, an incredibly good-looking outcast who seems as drawn to her as she is to him, despite her determination not to fall for the wrong guy again. Anastasia encounters her old friend Chloe Fairbanks and faces bullying from local queen bee, Kate McKinley, whose clique Chloe has joined. Once again, Anastasia finds herself being labeled the bad girl as Kate blackens her reputation, and things get more sinister when a series of animal attacks escalates public hysteria. Could the animal attacks be related to Frost, and can Anastasia find the strength to stand up for herself against bad gossip and bullying?


Frostbitten has lots of atmosphere, with its cold winter setting and the eerie yet seductive beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Anastasia is a sympathetic heroine, due to her history of bad mistakes and her struggle to stand strong against mean-spirited gossip and bullying. Frost is both gorgeous and sweet, with a nice dose of alluring mystery. What's problematic with this book is that it seems to tread into too familiar territory in young adult paranormal romance, the girl falling for the bad boy who may or may not be hiding paranormal origins. I would have liked the characters besides Anastasia to be better developed. I felt as though I was merely seeing Frost through Anastasia's eyes and he never solidified into a standalone character in his own right.

The struggles Anastasia faces in her new high school were poignant, especially as terrible, hurtful lies are being told and she's put into the role of outcast, despite her hopes to escape her past similar situations. I would have liked to see more development of the relationship between Anastasia and her grandparents, especially since it's so pivotal to the storyline.

The action and paranormal elements are well done, and I liked the folklore foundation for the story, although it feels fairly thin at this point. I feel that with better development and more fortification of the world-building, it could definitely carry this potential series well into subsequent books.

Overall, Frostbitten is a good young adult paranormal novel. The feelings between Anastasia and Frost seemed genuine, and I liked them as a couple. I would have liked more character development all around, except for Anastasia, and a stronger story. But I think readers who enjoy young adult paranormal romance will like this book.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Danielle Hill.


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