Bodyguard Heroes

There's just something about a story where the hero puts his life on the line to protect a lady from danger. While there are many heroes who could fit this profile, this list will be limited to heroes who are acting in some official capacity as a bodyguard.

Another Chance to Dream
Blood Fury
Blood Vow
Charming Champion
Dearest Rogue
Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
Hannah's Hero (Kismet Romances #147)
Her Guardian Angel
Hostage to Pleasure
In the Company of Darkness
Kiss of the Night
Lady in Question, The
Murder List
Nerd Gone Wild
One with the Darkness
Seduced at Midnight
Someone to Watch Over Me
Texan's Luck, A
Unforgettable Lady, An
Unlikely Bodyguard, The (Silhouette Mary Me, Cowboy #24)
Whisper of Sin
Witness, The