The Mirror

By: John A. Heldt

Series: Northwest Passage

Book Number: 5

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Twins Katie and Ginny Smith visit a carnival to celebrate their 19th birthday. When the fair is about to close, they disregard the fortune teller's earlier warning and visit the free House of Mirrors for a final bit of safe fun before heading home. However, their final bit of fun turns into a whole new adventure neither of the young women could predict, and they discover they won't be going home that night.


Carnival mirrors hold views not ordinarily seen of a person. They twist and turn, stretch, and shrink. The times of my girlhood I went to a carnival with my brother, the mirrors made me look so different every time I moved that I scarcely recognized myself. The mirror tent always held both mysteries and surprises for us to explore.

At least once a year I still get out one or more of my own scrapbooks and look at the photos of my family members of the past, often wishing I knew much more about them and the times they lived in. I wish, too, that my own children knew more about the rich past I grew up in.

So it was a happy surprise, reading The Mirror, this latest story by accomplished author John A. Heldt, to find twins Katie and Ginny Smith drawn to the temptation of a free house of mirrors when they go to the carnival for their 19th birthday celebration in the year 2020. There they discover a mirror that holds an unexpected surprise for them. Carried 56 years back to the past of 1964, they have to keep in mind how they received a stern warning there will only be one chance for them to return to the present with their own families, but when the opportunity comes they are placed in the position where they have to make yet further choices.

Author John A. Heldt has done an excellent job of creating a fast-moving historical story of the times our parents and grandparents lived, giving us a rare and enjoyable view of the everyday life and bright spots of time just past. He portrays the past the twins find themselves in, including many of the things persons were so fond of collecting and wishing for at that time. For example, Ginny, who loves to drive, can't resist the opportunity to get behind the steering wheel of Steve's Corvette Stingray. They dance the twist to scratchy 45 rpm records.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Delores Goodrick Beggs.


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