Dragonfly Moments

By: Kathy Bosman

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Artist Tessa Calitz's first and lingering love years ago was Ryan, but she knows Ryan doesn't want a family. Having children is so important to her heart, she doesn't seek him out. Ryan has been gone from her life for years when she meets Mark. She's got high expectations Mark will propose on Valentine's Day, and then she can think about her heart's desire of eventually becoming a mother. She's totally unprepared for what happens on February 14.


This story captured my attention from the beginning and kept me immersed in reading it until the end.

Having a family is so important to Tessa she'd let Ryan go years ago, because he didn't want children. Now that she's an established artist and gallery owner, she finds it's hard to dictate to one's heart. Her heart continues to yearn for Ryan even when she also yearns for a child. New gentleman friend Mark wants her to marry him and move away to be with him, not Ryan.

This beautifully written story completely captured my interest and held it while I journeyed with Tessa through the paths she walked, feeling her emotions and search for true love in ways I'd not imagined I would feel.

Ryan was something of a surprise because I didn't always know what he was up to regarding Tessa. He had some problems about personal decisions they both made on their own, but the author made up for any lack about Ryan the times when she did add him into the story.

I especially enjoyed the times when Tessa discussed the meanings of places, nature, and colors used in paintings. Those were for me a new insight into what paintings represent.

I found this beautiful tale to be totally captivating, and hard to put down once I began reading it.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Delores Goodrick Beggs.


Kathy Bosman


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